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Dorine Hooykaas: Sovereignty Live 2023 Review

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Dorine Hooykaas: Sovereignty Live 2023 Review

Some individuals find themselves at a crossroads as they seek an opportunity that can ignite their potential and pave the way for a brighter future. Dorine Hooykaas is one of those individuals. She discovered empowerment through Prosperity Of Life (POL). With a sense of curiosity and a desire for personal and financial freedom, Dorine started her journey in 2018.

Recently, she was able to attend the Sovereignty Live (SOV) Event 2023 in Cape Town South Africa. We had a chance to chat with her to understand more about her Prosperity Of Life Journey and her experiences while attending SOV 2023.

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Imagine stumbling upon an ad while playing Scrabble and uncovering a life-changing opportunity. It sounds too random to be true but that's how Dorine's story started. She shared, "I simply came across a small ad whilst I was playing Scrabble online. I first signed up in 2018, I think."

What was your "WHY"?

We asked Dorine what her driving reason was for becoming part of Prosperity Of Life. For her, the decision was driven by a desire to connect with those who had achieved long-term success. She sought out individuals who had been a part of the community for at least five years.

She said, "I was skeptical at first and wanted to find people who had been in it for 5 years or more. I found several who had been nearly triple that. This was one of the major deciding factors. Combined with the honesty, openness, and vulnerability of the owners."

Being a member of the POL community has had a profound impact on Dorine's life thus far. It is within this close-knit network that she discovered a tribe of individuals committed to personal growth and creating a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Dorine always finds inspiration in the collective effort to address personal challenges and embrace growth.

Review: Sovereignty Live Event 2023 Cape Town

The Sovereignty Live event held particular significance for Dorine as she had acquired tickets through her M8 upgrade. It was a moment of reckoning and an opportunity for her to immerse herself fully in the experience. She exclaims, "I had tickets from my M8 upgrade. It was now or never."

With excitement and anticipation, she stepped into the event, ready to absorb the wisdom, insights, and powerful energy that filled the venue.

Reflecting on her time at Sovereignty Live 2023, Dorine recounts an abundance of memorable moments that left an indelible mark on her heart. She explained, "Too many to list! Some are: meeting a colleague at the airport and Ubering to our neighbouring accommodation, seeing Rach and Shane in action (and Shane's leap to completion), which is divine, and the warm presence of Greg meant a lot to me."

From the encounter with a colleague at the airport to witnessing the awe-inspiring presence of Rachel and Shane Krider, the event was a tapestry of amazing moments.

What's your most valuable takeaway from the Sovereignty Live and Influence Live Events?

When asked about the most valuable lesson she took away from the event, Dorine is quick to admit that there were too many to enumerate. However, two lessons stand out. One is breaking free from the confines of her shell, she discovered the power within herself to step outside her comfort zone. The second is embracing new possibilities. With her newfound conviction, she confidently proclaims, "I can do it!"

Dorine Hooykaas: Sovereignty Live 2023 Review


Attending Sovereignty Live 2023 marked a pivotal moment in Dorine's journey of personal and professional growth. Based on her insights, the event served as a catalyst, igniting her passion and fueling her determination to reach new heights.


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