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Karina Kiely: 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

Updated: May 22, 2023

Today, we interview Karina Kiely, a Prosperity Of LIfe distributor who is passionate about personal development and leadership. Because she has gone through most of the Prosperity Of Life courses and programs, we wanted to get her thoughts on the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System. More specifically, we wanted to learn more about why this Prosperity Of Life program has helped her so much in her journey to personal development.

Karina Kiely: 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

What does fulfillment mean to you?

This is the very first question we asked Karina because we wanted to understand her perspective on achieving her goals and building a life that's fulfilled. Fulfillment can be described as a sense of deep satisfaction, contentment, and achievement that arises when one's desires, goals, or aspirations are realized or fulfilled. It is the feeling of being completely satisfied and gratified with one's life, experiences, or accomplishments.

Karina describes a fulfilled life as:

"A fulfilling life for me is one where you enjoy getting up each day, and feel huge gratitude for the life you live. Being surrounded by a loving circle of family and friends who love you unconditionally and you feel comfortable being around.

Being healthy both physically and emotionally. Our family has a huge focus on creating a healthy living and lifestyle and this was one of the reasons we relocated to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney. We wanted to feel more connected to the environment, and live and breathe fresh air, grow our own veggies, and just live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Being able to pursue my interests and passions is also important, we live on acreage and I love gardening and spending time outdoors. We also have beautiful national parks close by so we love to hike and spend time exploring our surroundings.

And finally, Gratitude and Mindfulness are daily practice I feel helps me have a more fulfilled life. Even on bad days, if I focus on the things I am grateful for, it shifts my whole mindset and keeps me in a positive mindset."

Do you balance life and work?

When describing her understanding of living a fulfilled life, we noticed that Karina has placed a huge importance on family and healthy living. We asked her where work falls into place. She eagerly answered:

"Having a work-life balance is also important, especially taking time for oneself and practicing self-care has helped me maintain that sense of balance which I wasn't able to achieve in my previous employment.

Personal development and growth is also something I am passionate about. I like to set goals and stretch myself to try new things and get outside my comfort zone. I am a goal-setter and love the sense of accomplishment when I achieve those goals."

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Now that we understood Karina's mindset towards living a fulfilled life better, we continued to ask about her Prosperity Of Life story. We wanted to know how she discovered Prosperity Of Life and how she started. She responded:

"Five months prior to finding Prosperity of Life, I had resigned from my job of 17 years. I was completely burnt out both mentally and physically and decided I needed to get out before it was too late. I didn't know what I wanted to do next but I wanted to take a good 6-9 months off to decompress and find my purpose again. It was at this time when I guess I was open to opportunities when I came upon an ad on Google, and I made an inquiry.

At that time, I knew what I didn't want, which was to go back to working for someone else, working crazy hours, and not being able to spend quality time with my family. These goals I was very clear on, but to be honest I didn't really know what I could do instead. I watched the business presentation and immediately I knew it ticked all the boxes. I knew the business model made sense and even with my operational hat on, I could see the opportunity for scale.

I also liked that it was an industry I had never worked in before, I needed change and I wanted to move into something different that would excite me and allow me to learn new skills whilst also utilizing the skills I had acquired over the years."

Tell us about your favorite Prosperity Of Life course.

Curious to know which course helped her the most, our next request was to describe the Prosperity Of Life course or program that she thought offered the most value. For her, it is the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System.

"I think my favorite is the 17-day Personal Prosperity System. I love this course because it's one of those courses you can jump right into and immediately start to put the learnings into practice. It covers the following topics:

1. The Six Higher Faculties Of Mind

2. Internal vs External Reality

3. The Sixth Sense Zone

4. Collapsing The Field

5. Love And Gratitude Compass

6. Seeing The Subliminal

I love how Shayne Krider has the ability to connect with you. I feel like he is talking directly to me but he has a way to put things into simple terms which make sense."

How many times have you gone through the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System?

Based on our past interviews, we discovered that it is ideal to go through the system more than once. Wanting to know if this was also true in Karina's case, we asked how many times she's gone through the system.

"I have gone through this course now more than 4 times, and each time I listen to it, I learn something completely new. The content is the same each time, but what is different is me, and my mindset. It's also the type of course you can pick up and put down, you don't have to follow it exactly in order, you can jump around and just grab a lesson and tune in and it doesn't matter.

What matters is that you are putting aside time for yourself and your own personal growth. I sometimes find myself going back and listening to one of the lessons multiple times, because I feel like there is a huge lesson to be learned here, and the more I listen to it, the clearer that lesson becomes to me, and usually it's because its something I need to hear because of what may be going on in my life at that time."

What have you learned since joining Prosperity Of Life and going through the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System?

According to Karina, she has learned a lot about herself, especially about becoming an entrepreneur when she joined Prosperity Of Life. We asked her what the most important lesson for her is since becoming a member.

"I guess the one thing I have discovered since joining this business is how lucky we are as entrepreneurs, for many of us it's our first time running a business. But the reason I say “how lucky we are” is because we have access to such amazing products, which in my opinion is one of the most critical aspects of being successful in any business if you are working on the 6 inches between your ears. Many in business will go through moments of limiting beliefs when they think “Maybe I can't do this, or this is too hard, or I don't have the skills to do this”.

And the only way to overcome this is by working on our mindset. The business is easy to run, it's a simple 3-step process, but the bit that can get difficult is when we let too much external noise and chatter get in our way, and that's when these programs take on a whole other lifeform and the magic happens."

She continued by emphasizing that it was challenging for her at first because of her limiting mindset and self-doubt.

"For me, it helped me overcome a lot of limiting beliefs I had about myself and my abilities. I guess I suffered from imposter syndrome and being in a new industry and new role didn't help and only exacerbated those feelings

I also had a lot of work to do on my own ego and worrying about what people would think of me, for example, why did she leave a well-paying secure job to start a business? I had a lot of monkey chatter going on in my head which I really needed to work on. The programs helped me discover so much about myself and allowed me to clean the slate and allow myself to truly discover what my new purpose was going to be in life, and how I was going to achieve that. It allowed me to dream big, and reach for goals I never thought possible."

Summary: 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review by Karina Kiely

Karina Kiely: 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

Fulfillment often goes beyond mere happiness or pleasure, as it encompasses a profound sense of purpose, meaning, and personal growth. It involves a state of being where individuals feel a sense of alignment with their values, talents, and passions, and experience a sense of harmony and completeness in their lives.

Fulfillment can be found in various aspects of life, such as personal relationships, career or vocation, creative pursuits, physical and mental well-being, and contribution to society. From Karina's interview, it seems that she has found a way to live a more fulfilled life thanks to Prosperity Of Life and its 17-Day Personal Prosperity System.

One of the best lessons that Karina has learned is to overcome her limiting beliefs and self-doubt. To most, this is something that's difficult to achieve but Karina was consistently going through the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System to learn something new and reinforce the lessons that she has already grasped.

Currently, because of everything that she has learned (and is learning) Karina is living a life that feels authentic, meaningful, and rich in positive experiences.


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