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Brooke Davies: 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

Updated: May 9, 2023

17-Day Personal Prosperity System | Interview with Brooke Davies

One of Prosperity Of Life's flagship systems is called the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System. It's focused on helping people step into a state of mind that's honed for success, wealth, and prosperity. Just like other products and systems that Prosperity Of Life offers, it's anchored on the principles of the Law of Attraction - positive thoughts bring positive results.

Today, we're going to learn more about the system and why it has been a transformational tool for those who repeatedly went through its process. We're going to hear from Brooke Davis today, a Prosperity Of Life member whose goal is to create a life filled with choices, financial abundance & time to enjoy it.

About the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System

The 17-Day Personal Prosperity System is a self-study course that consists of activities and daily audio lectures aimed at assisting users in forming healthy thought and behavior habits. There are six topics that the system discusses:

1. The Six Higher Faculties Of Mind

2. Internal vs External Reality

3. The Sixth Sense Zone

4. Collapsing The Field

5. Love And Gratitude Compass

6. Seeing The Subliminal

To go through this system, it's necessary for one to have a strong willingness and desire for a positive change in their life. It takes determination to go through this system plus a willingness to participate in the lessons and activities included in the curriculum.

Aside from discussing the six topics on the list, the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System also includes access to a community that can provide support and direction during the program. It also comes with the Quantum State Coaching System for free. This system is designed to help individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and other obstacles that may be holding them back from achieving their goals and living their best life.

Brooke Davis: 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

How did the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Change Your Life?

Brooke Davis began her online business more than 4 years ago. Her main goal was to become more financially secure but still have leisure of flexibility. Brooke wanted to have a fulfilling job that wouldn't restrict her capacity to produce abundance. Fast forward to today, she's living, what she describes as, The Postcard Life - a life of flexibility, portability and choice with plenty of opportunity to live out the authentic ideal lifestyle.

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

We asked Brooke about what made her decide to become part of Prosperity Of Life. We wanted to know what drew her into becoming a member. She answered:

"I went looking for an opportunity to replace my existing income so I could be home to raise the children. I found an ad on Facebook that resonated with me and after viewing the presentation, I jumped straight in.

I love the flexibility to work around my family. I also love the portability to take family holidays when it suited us. Lucrative returns to replace my executive income with the potential to surpass it by working only part-time hours."

Have you always been interested in personal development?

We wanted to understand where her passion for personal development came from since Prosperity Of Life deals with personal growth systems and programs. We asked her if she has always been into self-improvement, and Brooke responded:

"I have always been one to challenge myself, curious to see just how far I can go and what I can achieve in many aspects of life. Personal Development has become an educational platform and internal compass to develop my existing knowledge and life experience to keep progressing in my abilities, however now I am more on purpose, on schedule and in alignment with my values and goals."

Tell us about the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System.

We were curious to know what she thought about Prosperity Of Life's 17-Day Personal Prosperity System which she has already gone through multiple times. She responded:

"The ‘17 Day Personal Prosperity System’ is my favorite. It is a deep dive into the 6 faculties of the mind, concepts we are aware of and use daily but may not understand how to use to their maximum potential to achieve greater results. The 17-day program is short, sharp and applicable to implement in real time now. I’ve re-listened to this many times and achieved new light bulb moments followed by new levels of success every time I do.

The system is for big thinkers ready for change and who want to achieve results with their short-term goals. It is also for those who are achieving success, require a refresh and are decided to step it up to that next level."

How did the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System help you?

17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

So, what did the results look like for Brooke? How did the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System help her achieve the life that she has always wanted?

"I am an intuitive being with a big imagination and am creative in my everyday life which can sometimes drain my energy. I learned that I was using my imagination and intuitive nature backward. I now focus my imagination towards our future, our ‘Postcard Life’ and get creative with what that looks like instead of the ‘how’ we get there. I now allow my intuition to guide me daily on the ‘how’ and it has given me back so much energy to be more active with my children, in addition to creating greater outcomes in my business.

Being my favorite product I absolutely recommend this product as a first point of resource for anyone looking for guidance to take a step closer to their goals and ideal life. This product is my go-to when I’m experiencing a block or I have a short-term goal and it never disappoints."

17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review Summary

Brooke Davies' story is an inspiring one indeed. After working in the banking industry for about 13 years, her focus was to spend more time with her family and live a life of freedom and abundance - something that we can all relate to. There are a couple of takeaways we wanted to highlight from Brooke's interview:

  • Achieving your ideal life can be a complex and personal process, but there are some general steps you can take to work towards this goal.

  • Embrace a growth mindset, which means believing that you can improve and grow with effort and practice. Cultivate a positive attitude and be willing to learn new things.

  • Take consistent, intentional action toward your goals. Surround yourself with supportive people who can encourage and motivate you.

Just like Brooke, your first step to unlocking your journey to your ideal life could be the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System. Remember that achieving your ideal life is a journey, not a destination. Stay focused on your vision and keep taking small steps towards your goals.


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