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Do Prosperity Of Life Products and Programs Work?

Updated: May 9, 2023

Prosperity Of Life offers different programs and products designed to help individuals transform their mindset, develop good habits and positive thought patterns, and take action to achieve their goals and dreams. With a significant promise like this, it's curious to see whether it's really as effective as it claims.

In today's article, we interview Luanne Bernhardt, a Prosperity Of Life member and a global independent online entrepreneur who believes that success is a choice and anyone can live a life that's forever wealthful. We will get to know her and her experience with Prosperity Of Life products and programs.

What does the word "wealthful" mean to you?

Do Prosperity Of Life Products and Programs Work? |  Prosperity Of Life Review

When you search for the meaning of the word "wealthful" in the dictionary, it will say "full of wealth or prosperous." Since Luanne believes that life can be lived in a wealthful way, we wanted to understand the meaning of the word to her. She answered:

"Being wealthful means a life of abundance, not just externally, materialistically, and financially but living on my terms."

One of the phrases that really stood out was, "living on my terms" which tells us that living a wealthful life is not just about financial wealth, but also about living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Luanne's definition of what "wealthful" is sets the tone for the rest of her interview.

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Just like most of the interviews we've done, we also asked Luanne the reason behind her decision to come on board with Prosperity Of Life. She responded:

"I was attracted to a Facebook ad from Lee Anne Haggard that resonated with me. And after watching the Business Presentation I was hooked. I did no further investigation and had never clicked on anything of the sort. I just knew…it allowed me to take the leap of faith. It was my intuition, I suppose.

At first, I was focused on the business compensation plan! 100%! Little did I know how our products or amazing community of uplifting amazing people from all over the globe were going to positively impact and change my world for the better…and continue to do so every day!

I found a passion for Personal Development (PD) after using the products at Prosperity Of Life. I had never heard of PD prior to moving forward here. Although my eyes were fixed on the compensation plan at first, I later realized how helpful and valuable the products were. They have flipped my world on its head and I no longer suffer from depression after 25 years of doing so. And, feeling that depression was a part of life and something I simply had to learn to deal and live with for the rest of my life."

What would you say are the main takeaways you've learned from going through Prosperity Of Life programs?

Although Luanne was first attracted to the business opportunity Prosperity Of Life offers, going through the programs has allowed her to live a more purposeful life that's free from depression. We asked her about the most valuable lessons she has learned from going through the programs. She eagerly responded:

"Talk to my future self though I still have a lot of work to do in this area. I have learned so much about empathy VS sympathy. Not allowing the external world to affect my internal world so much (Also from External vs Internal Reality) but also never assuming anything about anyone and any situation. We are never going to know what others are truly thinking, feeling, or what they’re going through. So don’t assume, don’t make it a story.

Finish The Job - learning to know that if you take off in the airplane you need to give full throttle or the plane is never going to properly take flight. Anyone can apply this to business or anything in life that they really want to achieve.

HONESTLY, I COULD KEEP GOING! What I do know is how far I have come with our products but also how far I still have to go BUT NEVER does anyone here ever pretend they are perfect and they have stopped learning themselves and arrived at the end result. Becoming a better version of myself every day only elevates my pride in myself and my knowing that life will just continue to flourish in the direction I choose."

Would you recommend the Prosperity Of Life Programs and Products?

Interview with Luanne Bernhardt | Prosperity Of Life Review

It seems that the programs have had a remarkable impact on Luanne's life. We followed her up with the question of whether she would recommend all the Prosperity Of Life products to anyone. Confidently she stated:

"PFFF. BIG FAT YES. Sorry, but that is a no-brainer. WHY?....because if you want to live your life to your full potential and understand your level of thinking more effectively, then this is the place to be. The way that Personal Development is learned or taught here is for every level of intelligence and being.

I continually look forward to my next learning, my next AHA moment, my next LIGHT BULB moment. It truly excites me! I love plugging in daily. It certainly uplifts the daily grind to plug in while I wash up, mow the lawn, and do the mundane daily chores that is for sure!

Also, the programs have allowed me to hand down my learnings and advice to my 17 & 18-year-old daughters - it's truly priceless. I know that they are living a better life from my learnings here."

Prosperity Of Life Programs and Products Review Summary

Interview with Luanne Bernhardt | Prosperity Of Life Review

To Luanne, the programs and products that Prosperity Of Life is offering have allowed her to become the best version of herself. She emphasized that continuously going through the systems has:

"Enabled me the ability to dream again and believe that I AM IN CHARGE OF MY FUTURE, MY DESTINY. I am the one creating my lifestyle and only I have that power. To know that we all have things going on in our life but it’s our choice as to how we handle those things."

It's worth noting that the personal development programs and products of Prosperity Of Life should be viewed as tools to support personal growth and development, rather than a quick fix for complex issues.

One of the main contributing factors to Luanne's change was her willingness to put in the work and take action to go for what she wanted in life. As she goes through the programs, she does so believing that she can create her own reality through the power of her thoughts and emotions.


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