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Ananda Troconis: Sovereignty Live and Influence Live Event 2023 Review

Ananda Troconis: Sovereignty Live and Influence Live Event 2023 Review

Finding a community that supports and empowers you can be a game-changer. Ananda Troconis, a member of Prosperity Of Life (POL), seems to have found her own community through POL. We had the pleasure of chatting with Ananda, who shared her insights and experiences about Sovereignty Live and Influence Live Events 2023.

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Ananda's path with Prosperity Of Life began in 2019 when she stumbled upon an Instagram ad. She reminisced, saying, "I saw an Instagram ad and replied to it in 2019. I was living in Venezuela, my country of origin, at the time, in very difficult economic conditions, and couldn't get started. But I kept receiving the emails, and two years later, in 2021, I decided to get started.

Even though I had left my country during the pandemic, and my finances were no better than in 2019, I decided I wanted this for myself, and I dived deep into our Personal Development (PD) Programs."

What was your "WHY"?

When asked about her reason for taking the leap of faith and joining POL, Ananda expressed her deep desire to make a positive impact.

She explained, "I've always wanted to be able to help and impact more people, starting with myself and my family. I wanted to secure an abundant and prosperous old age for my mom and myself and be able to also help other people do the same. Basically, break free from the system that holds us down and suppresses our true potential to create a life of bliss and greatness."

Ananda Troconis: Sovereignty Live and Influence Live Event 2023 Review

We continued to ask her about her thoughts on the Prosperity Of Life community. According to Ananda, the POL community is "priceless." She elaborated, "Being surrounded by like-minded people is priceless. I love the variety that we have, all the different professional backgrounds and nationalities create a beautiful community where I feel safe to be myself, where I know I can be (and should be) vulnerable in order to embrace change and grow."

The diversity within the community reflects the generosity, authenticity, and high vibrations emanating from Rachel and Shane Krider, and Greg Strom. It's a gathering of individuals united by a common purpose, where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Review: Sovereignty Live and Influence Live Events 2023

Attending the Sovereignty Live and Influence Live events held special significance for Ananda. Having joined the company during the lockdown period, she craved the experience of being part of a vibrant, flesh-and-bones community.

Ananda shared, "I couldn't not attend the first big events after the lockdowns. I wanted to fuel my passion for the business and personal development, and be able to experience being part of the real-life community, get the hugs, have off-conference conversations, and connect with others on a human level."

Ananda also highlighted the RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) race. She described it as an overwhelming experience, where she felt the love, kindness, and high vibrations of the amazing individuals involved. It was a profound reminder of the power of unity and collective goodwill.

What's your most valuable takeaway from the Sovereignty Live and Influence Live Events?

The Sovereignty Live Event provided Ananda with a valuable lesson on capitalism. She shared, "All the lessons on capitalism were so powerful. They opened my eyes to a new perspective that I had never seen before. They truly opened my mind to see that all the negativity that I had attached to that concept was no longer useful and was, in fact, preventing me from the growth that I want for myself."

She learned to adopt what works for her, discard the rest, and embrace the advantages of capitalism for personal growth and expansion.

Ananda Troconis: Sovereignty Live and Influence Live Event 2023 Review

At Influence Live, Ananda found numerous incredible lessons. One that stood out was the understanding that she could retrain the "pharmacist" in her brain, responsible for the hormone and neurochemical cocktail triggered by thoughts, emotions, and responses. She realized she could create more useful and efficient mixes to align her Reticular Activating System with her vision of the future, empowering her to shape her own destiny.


For Ananda, attending Sovereignty Live and Influence Live marked a significant milestone. It was her first major live event, and she expressed immense gratitude for the invaluable lessons and experiences gained. She exclaimed, "My business and my higher self could not have afforded NOT to attend SOV and INF 2023. I'm so happy I did everything it took to make it there."

The journey of Ananda Troconis is a testament to the transformative power of events like Sovereignty Live and Influence Live. These gatherings serve as catalysts for personal growth, connection, and a renewed sense of purpose.


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