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The Truth About Prosperity Of Life


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Is Prosperity Of Life truly a multi-award-winning producer of leadership and personal development courses?

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The company, which has offices in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, serves customers in more than 120 countries worldwide. All of its distributors operate independently from their homes using the company's tried-and-true turnkey business model, which was designed to provide determined entrepreneurs with the chance to work part-time hours and potentially earn a full-time income.


However, Prosperity Of Life positions itself as more than just a business that promotes personal growth. Additionally, it is a community where individuals' goals are fulfilled and where their individuality is recognized. People join Prosperity Of Life because they are seeking something higher, something bigger, or something extraordinary to do in their lives.


With promises of a better and more fulfilled life, can Prosperity Of Life really deliver what it claims it can offer? We're going to find out. This website is dedicated to revealing the truth about Prosperity Of Life and its inner workings.

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Beyond Freedom Evolution

Achieving success is often accompanied by many obstacles and challenges. One of the main challenges we have to face is limiting beliefs - negative thoughts or assumptions that can hold individuals back from achieving their full potential.


How did
Prosperity Of Life Start?

The company was founded in 2010 by Gregory Strom and Shane & Rachel Krider. Gregory Storm is currently the Lead media and content producer, while Shane Krider is the Lead Transformation Coach, and Rachel Krider is the Lead business building coach.



Founder of Prosperity Of Life

VP of Global Marketing



Founder of Prosperity Of Life

Lead Transformation Coach



Founder of Prosperity Of Life

Lead Media & Content Producer

About Shane & Rachel Krider

Shane and Rachel Krider, who have lived in countries like Chile, Italy, Thailand, and presently Portugal, often run the business from different nations.


In 1998, Shane Krider began his career in network marketing with a business that was modeled around Prosperity of Life but sold tickets to events and vacations. Rachel Krider, on the other hand, started her MLM career with a dietary supplements distribution company, where she rose to the position of top distributor and trainer.

About Gregory Strom

Greg Strom has spent the last 30 years producing and directing over a thousand television commercials, music videos, and feature films as a media producer, author, and TV director. 


Greg Strom's ads have appeared on broadcast media channels all across the world. Working with stars like Michael Jackson, Martin Sheen, Dan Aykroyd, Larry Hagman, Joan Rivers, Burt Lancaster, and Jane Seymour, among many others, he has shot in dozens of nations.


Is Prosperity of Life an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

The truth is the corporation didn't alter its name. Prosperity Of Life had gone through the process of rebranding after beginning as a brand-new business with new ownership. 


Liberty League was founded in 2001 by Shane Krider and Brent Payne. After realizing that both parties no longer shared a common vision for expanding the business, they decided to part ways in 2009. Liberty League was also terminated along with this cooperation.


Despite the company's dissolution, its distributors were all able to smoothly transfer their individual distributorships to Shane's new business - Prosperity of Life - without having to re-buy in. They kept their prior professional credentials and gained ongoing earning opportunities.


Now partnered with Rachel Krider, Shane Krider's wife, and Greg Strom, the three founders initially took on the name Polaris Global Marketing as their trading name. POLARIS is an abbreviation for "Prosperity Of Life and Return of Individual Sovereignty". 


As they were operating under the name Polaris Global Marketing, the founders realized that their brand was often confused with Polaris, the maker of ATVs. As a result, the company decided to shift to doing business as Prosperity Of Life. 


According to Rachel Krider, the branding for Prosperity Of Life was far more straightforward and eloquent in expressing the business' identity. Although Polaris Global Marketing is only listed as "trading as" Prosperity Of Life, it is still a functioning business.

Is it true that Prosperity Of Life Changed its name?

Pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing (MLM) are frequently confused with each other but the terms have significant differences.


Through a network of distributors or independent contractors, MLM is a respectable business strategy that allows organizations to market their goods or services. These distributors receive commissions based on their own sales as well as the sales of the network members they bring on board. In MLM, finding new distributors is merely one component of the company; the focus is on selling goods or services.


On the other hand, a pyramid scheme is an unlawful business strategy that entails convincing individuals to invest money in a firm in exchange for the promise of huge profits. Rather than selling goods or services, the emphasis is on attracting an increasing number of individuals to invest. The pyramid scheme collapses when there are not enough new investors to keep it going since those at the top of the pyramid profit off the investments made by those at the bottom.


MLMs concentrate on selling goods or services, whereas pyramid schemes work to draw in new investors. Unlike unlawful and unsustainable pyramid schemes, MLMs are a respectable and legal kind of business.

What does Prosperity Of Life do?

What does Prosperity Of Life do?

People who are interested in bettering their life can receive personal development training and instruction from Prosperity of Life. The business provides a selection of coaching programs, seminars, and courses aimed at assisting individuals in achieving their objectives and leading more rewarding lives.


The company offers training and education that is centered on the ideas of spiritual development, wealth production, and personal progress. Different subjects are covered in the courses and seminars, such as attitude, goal-setting, time management, leadership, communication, and financial literacy.


One of its main programs is called "Beyond Freedom Evolution", a complete personal development program including online courses, live events, and coaching assistance. Through the development of a success mentality, the creation of a future vision, and taking action to reach their objectives, the program is intended to assist individuals in making positive changes in their life.


Other programs that Prosperity of Life offers aim to assist people in realizing their full potential and building prosperous, abundant, and fulfilling lives.


Aside from offering training, courses, and seminars that individuals can self-learn, the company also provides a business opportunity. Individuals who act as distributors can get compensation for recommending and reselling the company's goods to others.


Does the system really work? Based on the reviews that Prosperity of Life gets on Trust Pilot there have been a good number of individuals that have found success in the business. One of them is Lee Anne Bartlett who agreed to have her success story published on the official website of Prosperity of Life. She writes:


“Being a previous franchise owner I was not shy of hard work or long hours. I knew that putting a BIG effort in meant a BIGGER reward. However, what I have experienced in my business here has gone beyond what I ever imagined.

There has been a few different things that I feel have enabled me to jump to that next level and way beyond. With a franchise I was limited to my local area for marketing, which is really limiting when you have big goals. 


So being able to now market anywhere in the world, means my business is limitless.

Being able to work on my mindset with our products and creating many amazing personal changes too like fitness, health and relationships has changed my life in more ways than one. This has been a HUGE bonus that I never expected, but super grateful for."

A Success Story from
Lee Anne Bartlett

Recent Posts

Prosperity Of Life is a Scam: True or Not?

So is Prosperity of Life a scam? Before going into this, let's define what "scam" means first. By definition, a scam is an attempt to fool or deceive someone into parting with their money, personal information, or other important assets.


With the definition in mind, Prosperity of Life has delivered its programs to 123 different nations worldwide. The corporate office has received information requests from numerous government authorities over the years regarding our business practices, mostly from the US and Australia. These agencies have examined every aspect of the business including its scripts, compensation plan, advertising strategies, and goods.


When it comes to compliance, the company is actively taking initiatives to ensure that the business is in adherence with the law and the standards set by the different government agencies. 


At its corporate headquarters, they have a full-time compliance staff whose duty is to monitor any changes in the law and make sure that Prosperity Of Life distributors are acting morally and appropriately in accordance with local regulations. To keep up to date with changing laws, the compliance department also hires legal counsel in several nations throughout the world. 


To answer the question: Is Prosperity of Life a scam? The answer is no. Because the company offers training, courses, and seminars that have helped the lives of countless individuals, it goes to show that the products offered are helpful, educational, and enlightening.


From the business side of the company, numerous success stories and reviews reveal that it's possible to earn a substantial amount from Prosperity of Life but, it's also important to remember that any success is achieved through hard work, determination, and drive to keep going. If an individual is willing to do the business side, they have to treat the process similar to how a new business would be made.


There are no assurances and the company has never promised to make money. The person has to put forth the effort and stick to the plan. For those who commit with a strong sense of desire and resolve, the results may be genuinely life-altering.

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