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Tania Brint: Sovereignty Live Event Review

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Sovereignty Live Event Review

In the pursuit of happiness and success, personal development has become a powerful tool for individuals seeking to unlock their full potential. One individual who embodies this passion for personal growth is Tania Brint, a Prosperity Of Life distributor who has had a successful career in senior management and HR in the hospitality industry.

However, the long hours and overwhelming stress left her feeling trapped and yearning for something more. Determined to break free from the corporate world, Tania took a leap of faith and started her own coaching business. Today, she shares her Sovereignty Live Event Review - the program that made the most impact in her journey to self-growth.

Where did your love for personal development come from?

Just like most of our interviews, our aim is to first understand where Tania's passion comes from with this question. She answers, "I was introduced to personal development initially as a leader within my corporate career, and I saw that it had the power to help people do far more than they thought they were capable of," Tania explains. "That led me into coaching and using the personal development concepts in my work. I love working with people to help them set big goals, find their motivation, and seeing them turn their lives around."

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Tania's path eventually led her to Prosperity Of Life, although her journey into the program took a slightly unconventional route. She was introduced to it by someone she had known and worked with for many years in the corporate world. Initially, Tania was hesitant, as she wanted to focus her attention solely on her coaching business.

However, attending a live business presentation in early 2020 proved to be a turning point. Meeting and talking with people in the Prosperity Of Life community inspired her, and she knew she had found something she wanted to be a part of.

"As a coach, I was still trading my time and working long hours to find clients and deliver my services. I could see it was not going to bring me the time freedom or the financial freedom I wanted," Tania reveals. "Prosperity Of Life, the community, and the programs resonated with me, and I felt the values of the business aligned with mine, particularly around helping people turn their lives around from the inside out. I could see too that the income opportunity was far better than anything else I'd looked at and would be a way out of my debt spiral."

Tania Brint: Sovereignty Live Event Review

While Tania appreciates all the courses offered by Prosperity Of Life, there is one program that stands out as her favorite: the Sovereignty Live Event. This event, which was streamed over a few weeks during the lockdown, had a profound impact on Tania and her family. Through the content shared in this event, Tania experienced a transformative shift in her mindset and relationship with money.

"I've always had an 'interesting' relationship with money. I had a fear of letting go, a 'can't afford it' attitude that held me back," Tania admits. "This poverty mindset shifted during the conference. I gained a much deeper understanding of my own limiting beliefs and the work I needed to do to move beyond them. I was amazed at the depth of information around investing for the long term and the possibilities that are open to everyone, even people with little to no spare cash."

The Sovereignty Live Event provided Tania with the tools and knowledge to overcome her money-related fears and beliefs, ultimately empowering her to create a life of abundance. She believes that anyone who holds themselves back or doubts their worthiness of an abundant life can greatly benefit from this program.

Conclusion: Prosperity of Life's Sovereignty Live Event

As a member of Prosperity Of Life, Tania's experience has been nothing short of transformative. Initially joining the program with the intention of creating the income she desired and continuing her personal development journey, she was pleasantly surprised by the depth of learning, growth, and support she found within the community.

Sovereignty Live Event Review

"I came to the business thinking that I would be able to create the income I'd been looking for and improve myself along the way with some continued personal development. What I wasn't prepared for was the depth of that learning and growth or the support and community I found," Tania shares.

Through Prosperity Of Life, Tania not only discovered a path to financial freedom but also a community of like-minded individuals who uplift and inspire one another.


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