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Simon Haggard's Inspiring Journey with Prosperity Of Life

Simon Haggard's Inspiring Journey with Prosperity Of Life

Today, we explore the inspiring story of Simon Haggard who found inspiration and success with Prosperity Of Life. Driven by a desire for financial freedom, personal growth, and a community of like-minded individuals, let's learn more about Simon's Prosperity Of Life story.

What did you do before Prosperity Of Life?

Simon Haggard had a career in the digital photocopier industry. "I worked in the digital photocopier industry for eight years and went on to earn a six-figure income regularly, year on, every year."

However, there came a point when he realized that no matter how much effort he put in, his income remained capped because of increasing targets and constant changes in expectations from the company. "It didn't matter if you achieved your targets, they would raise them again the following year. So you were having to work harder for the same amount of income. So, in effect, my income was capped," he shared.

Simon desired a change. He didn't know what specific change needed to happen but he wanted a different kind of life than what he was living at the time.

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

"I came across this opportunity with Prosperity Of Life and what inspired me was seeing real people achieving real results," Simon said. He noticed that those individuals living the life he dreamed of were no different from him. With curiosity, he embarked on a journey to explore Prosperity Of Life's possibilities and opportunities.

What was it with Prosperity Of Life that drew Simon in? Tired of the constantly shifting goal metrics within his company, Simon wanted to be part of a community that operated with integrity, ethics, and shared values. He wanted to surround himself with individuals who had the same goals and visions he does - a community where he could represent himself authentically.

How did you do during your first months with Prosperity Of Life?

During his initial six months in the industry, Simon achieved something extraordinary. He proudly exclaimed, "I earned over $120,000 profit in my business! And that was more money than I'd earned in a previous year working in the digital office equipment industry. So to me, it was life-changing." This was a significant milestone for Simon.

He continued, "I've got an eleven-year-old son, so I'm able to pick him up from school and drop him off at school. I'm able to take him to extracurricular activities outside of schooling too. I could never have done that working for somebody else and being tied to an office."

The impact Prosperity Of Life had on Simon was life-changing, allowing him to spend quality time with his son and earn a significant amount while doing the things he loves.


Simon Haggard's journey with Prosperity Of Life showcases the power of seeking alignment with one's values and goals. By joining a community that fosters integrity and ethics, Simon found a path that not only provided financial success but also granted him the freedom and flexibility he desired. While these results are not typical for everyone, Simon's story serves as a testament to the potential for transformation and growth in one's life.


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