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Prosperity Of Life Founders: Rachel Krider

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Rachel Krider Prosperity Of Life Founder  | Prosperity Of Life Review

Rachel Krider on the type of work she did before Prosperity Of Life.

We wanted to know more about what Rachel did right before she started with Prosperity Of Life and if any of her skills from her previous professional experiences applied to her current role as a Lead Business Building Coach:

"I was actually in business for myself, working alongside a health company in the multilevel marketing space, and I did that for five years, working from home. It didn't go so well.

I really put in some big hours, 10-14 hours a day. At the end of five years, I wasn't really any further along financially. In fact, I'd gone backwards financially. But I was rich in knowledge. I'd learned a lot about marketing, about business, about basically just sticking it out and overcoming obstacles.

So even though I didn't create the financial success that I was looking for, I was super grateful for the experience that I had with the company.

And before that, I was working at an oil company in a sales manager role, looking after a very small team. And I was with that company for a couple of years and I loved it. I did well there and exceeded my targets. I started there when I was about 24 years old and stayed there, like I said, for a couple of years.

That ended because new management came in and basically removed the commission component from my package. So my salary halved overnight. That was a blessing in disguise. After the big boss made that announcement, I left the next day, but I made a decision that I was never going to work for a boss again. So that started my entrepreneurial adventure. When I was 26 years old, I started in business for the first time, working alongside a health company."

 Rachel KriderLife Before Prosperity Of Life | Prosperity Of Life Review

Success: How do you define it?

Each of us has a different perspective on what success looks like. Success can be living a fulfilled life with peace of mind, or it could be owning your own home and being financially secure. We asked Rachel Krider how she defined success, and here's what she said:

"I guess in one word, it would be happiness. That's the end game for everybody, to be happy with themselves and to be feeling fulfilled in what it is that they're choosing to spend their time doing. It's making a positive difference in the marketplace and to people who you come into contact with. I think if you're living within your purpose and are doing meaningful work - work that you feel really good about.

Personally, I feel great about what I'm doing. Having a positive impact on the people that get involved with Prosperity of Life, to the people who become our clients and use our products. Just seeing all of the evidence around me about the positive impact that this type of education has had on people.

I think that's how I would define success - choosing to be happy yourself, being grateful for the life that we get to live, for the company that we get to keep, for what we get to do every day to earn a living."

What does success mean to Rachel Krider?  | Prosperity Of Life Review

Taking a Chance: What made you take the leap of faith?

Despite having some success in her career and during her time working with the health company, Rachel shares that she wasn't as financially stable as she hoped she would be. That made us wonder why she started as a member of Prosperity Of Life:

"You know what, I was just absolutely desperate to establish a high degree of stability. I didn't want to be reliant on anyone else. I wanted to make my own money and just, you know, have that sense of achievement. And in my universe, a big part of that in terms of achievement was actually having my financial situation sorted.

So that was what I was heading towards that. It was scary for sure. I had to make some things happen and shuffle some things around but I was just so determined to get to a certain level of stability.

I experienced a lack of job security after losing my job previously. So I really didn't want to go back into the corporate world. I didn't feel that it was the route. I felt that going into business was going to be the route to allow me to become sovereign.

So what thought allowed me to take the leap of faith? You know, it was really just doing my due diligence. I went through the business presentation, I chatted extensively with the gentleman, Michael Barry, who introduced me to the business and I just followed my gut.

I loved the product line, you know, personal development was something that I was already doing in my own life. I already had a passion for personal growth. So, it was just trusting the process, trusting the gentleman that I was talking to, Michael, and believing in the value of the product.

I felt like I had some limiting beliefs that I was holding onto that. They were keeping me stark and preventing me from going to that next level and really learning how to create financial abundance. So what made me make that switch? I felt that the product line and the community here could really assist me to reach that next level of financial independence and I just kind of went for it."

Deciding to Take a Big Step - Rachel Krider  | Prosperity Of Life Review

Big Changes: How has your life changed after becoming a part of Prosperity Of Life?

We finally asked Rachel Krider how her life has changed after taking the risk of partnering with Prosperity Of Life despite not having a lot in her savings. She answers:

"Life has never been the same. I got started here for the money without a doubt because I was looking for a vehicle in order to propel me to a new level of financial success. But I got so much more than just the money. I found a community of people who were on the same page as me.

They were all going for big goals and debated thinking the right thoughts. And so financially, things got very good for me within 5 months. I was making over $25,000US a month. I've since taken my success way up from there. Initially, it was about money but life changed. I met Shane as a result of being in the business, so I met the love of my life.

So financially, it was a tick. Relationship-wise and meeting my soulmate was another big tick. Then an extension of that, all of the people that I all of a sudden found in my circle, the fellow business owners, and the customers that I was able to serve along the way.

It was just a different bubble of reality. So that ricocheted into every area of my life whereby, you know, my health improved, my level of happiness improved, and my level of competency improved. Certainly, challenges would still present themselves but I felt much better equipped to be able to handle all of them because of the newfound knowledge that I had about how to control my thoughts and mind power.

So life is better across the board. The freedom, the flexibility. It's been awesome."

Rachel Krider and Shane Krider - Prosperity Of Life Founders

Summary & Key Takeaways

Now living with her family in Portugal, Rachel Krider is an entrepreneur, speaker, and co-founder of Prosperity of Life that has found success through, first, seeing her current reality. She knew that she could improve her financial situation, and one way for her to do this would be to go into business.

With a little bit of luck followed by hard work and belief in a system that has helped thousands of individuals, she was able to reach the level of financial freedom that she was aiming for. In the process, she met her soulmate Shane Krider who is now her husband.

Not everyone will have the same journey to success as Rachel Krider but some of the key takeaways we took from her interview are:

  • Your perspective is important. If you feel comfortable where you are now, chances are you're not going to aim higher. However, knowing that you can do better can be good fuel for you to achieve what you want in life.

  • Know when good opportunities present themselves.

  • Things won't change if you're using the same formula. Take the risk.

  • It's good to be motivated by financial success but you eventually have to look past that and look for the things that truly make you feel that you have a fulfilled life.

For to know more about Prosperity Of Life and read other Prosperity of Life reviews, make sure to check out the blog section of this website.


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