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Personal Development is NOT Just a Buzzword with Astrid Armstrong

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Astrid Armstrong is a Prosperity Of Life member and someone who has discovered the incredible power of personal development. Astrid's story is a testament to the idea that life is a beautiful series of twists and turns. We sit down with her to talk about her journey as well as hear a story about her daughter Jessy.

Starting as an Apprentice Hairdresser

She embarked on her professional journey at a young age, leaving school at 16 to become an Apprentice Hairdresser. Over the years, she explored various paths, including Barbering and owning her own Picture Framing and Glazing business. From there, Astrid dabbled in different roles like being a Receptionist and trying her hand at Door-to-Door Sales. Eventually, she found her stride in Real Estate Sales, where she enjoyed an incredibly successful career spanning 22 years.

But life has a way of throwing curveballs and moving to a new country posed challenges for Astrid's real estate career. She sought a flexible and stress-free online opportunity that would align with her passion for personal growth. That's when she discovered a path that would change her life.

Throwback to 2010

Reflecting on a cherished photo she published in 2010, Astrid recalls a trip she took with her daughter to the captivating Gold Coast. It was a transformative experience that set Jessy, her daughter, on a remarkable path.

Today, Jessy has achieved incredible things, earning a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English Literature and Media Studies. But she didn't stop there! Jessy's thirst for knowledge led her back to university for an additional year, during which she obtained both a teaching degree and a Masters in teaching.

Teach Your Kids Personal Development

Now, Jessy is a beloved teacher at their local high school, known for her kindness, generosity of spirit, and selflessness. Astrid beams with pride as she emphasizes the importance of personal development in shaping Jessy's journey. "If there's one thing you could do for your children, that's teach them personal development," Astrid passionately states. It's clear that instilling a love for growth and self-improvement in young minds can pave the way for an extraordinary future.

During our chat, Astrid expresses her profound gratitude for the company that has become her anchor: Prosperity Of Life.

She credits their exceptional leadership and unwavering support for her personal and professional growth. Astrid feels incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon this business opportunity, as it has transformed her life in ways she never imagined. The courses she has undertaken with Prosperity Of Life have given her a fresh perspective and a newfound appreciation for life's blessings.

Personal Development is NOT Just a BuzzWord

Prosperity Of Life shines a light on the importance of personal development. Through their courses and guidance, individuals like Astrid gain the tools and mindset to unlock their full potential. Personal development is not just a buzzword; it's a life-changing journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. It provides the foundation for embracing new possibilities and achieving extraordinary results in all areas of life.

As we conclude our conversation with Astrid, we reflect on her story as a shining example of how personal development can shape lives, not only in her own journey but also through the incredible achievements of her daughter, Jessy. Hopefully, Astrid's story inspires us to embrace personal growth, nurture the potential within ourselves and our loved ones, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.


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