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Peggy Crane: Sovereignty Live Event 2023 Cape Town Review

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

In a world filled with corporate jobs and traditional business models, it can be challenging to find an exit strategy because that means embracing a new path in life. It can both be scary and life-changing at the same time, so only a few embark on the journey.

Peggy Crane, one of the few and a member of Prosperity Of Life (POL) who attended the Sovereignty Live Event for the first time, has experienced this kind of transformation firsthand. We spoke with Peggy to learn more about her experiences as a POL member as well as her thoughts about the Sovereignty Live Event in Cape Town, South Africa.

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Peggy's adventure with Prosperity Of Life began in March 2019 when she made a bold decision. She shared her story, saying, "I initially purchased M1 (17-Day Personal Prosperity System). Two days later, I rang Lee Anne and said I've made a mistake - I want to start at M7FT! So I did!" Peggy's eagerness to challenge herself and step outside her comfort zone propelled her to dive headfirst into this exciting opportunity.

What was your "WHY"?

Attempting to understand her reason for becoming a Prosperity Of Life member, we asked her what her "why" was. Peggy's answer was clear. She explained, "I was looking for an exit strategy from the corporate 8-to-6 and knew right away after watching the videos that this was it!" The desire for freedom and independence from the corporate world sparked a fire within Peggy, driving her to seek a different path that aligned with her goals and aspirations.

Being part of the POL community is a decision Peggy celebrates wholeheartedly. Leaving her corporate job and becoming a business owner opened up a world of possibilities for her. She shares her enthusiasm, saying, "It is one of the BEST decisions I ever made to leave my corporate job and start working for myself again. I love being a business owner and was looking for another business to start when this came across my FB feed. Online business is the way to go! It beats traditional-style business hands down!"

Review: Sovereignty Live Event 2023 Cape Town

Attending this year's Sovereignty Live Event held in Cape Town was an exciting moment for Peggy. Having joined the POL network in 2019 but having yet to attend a live event, she was determined to make this one count.

Peggy expressed her motivation, "I have never attended live since getting started in 2019, and due to Covid, I made sure I would be there in Cape Town!"

Reflecting on her most memorable moment during the event, Peggy shared the magic she experienced being in the room with Shane and Rachel Krider, Greg Strom, and the entire community. She described it as a "magical feeling being surrounded by like-minded individuals on a similar entrepreneurial journey!" The sense of camaraderie and shared passion created an atmosphere of support and inspiration, reminding Peggy that she was never alone on her path to success.

What's your most valuable takeaway from the Sovereignty Live Event 2023 in Cape Town?

Peggy Crane: Sovereignty Live Event 2023 Cape Town Review

We asked Peggy about the most valuable lesson she learned during the Sovereignty Live Event 2023, she realized that "You are not your circumstances, and it's up to me, and me only, to create the success I want in my life!" This powerful revelation emphasized personal responsibility and the importance of taking charge of one's own destiny.

The event provided an opportunity to network, learn, and grow alongside a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who are rewriting the rules of success, according to Peggy.

Since returning home, she's had 2 M7FT's (10,000USD profit) PLUS 2 x M1's (3656USD profit), plus an M7FT and M2 order in the system.

Peggy shares, "Team members experiencing qualifying sales and just an overall AMAZING magical energy which is propelling my business to new heights."


The Sovereignty Live Event Cape Town 2023 was a testament to the magic that happens when individuals with the same kinds of goals come together to uplift and support each other. Peggy Crane's journey with POL exemplifies the power of embracing a new path and finding a community that empowers and inspires. Prosperity Of Life may be the perfect stepping stone toward your dreams if you're seeking a life of freedom and entrepreneurship.


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