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Natalia Nastusenko: Embracing New Opportunities and Growth

Meet Natalia Nastusenko, an individual who embarked on a life-changing journey with Prosperity Of Life (POL) to seek additional income and create a better life for her family. Today, Natalia shares her inspiring experiences and insights, providing us with a glimpse into her heartwarming POL journey. From her initial motivation to her involvement in the vibrant POL community and her recent participation in Influence Live (INF) 2023, Natalia's story is one of determination, personal development, and the pursuit of meaningful connections.

Starting the POL Journey

Natalia's adventure with POL began in 2019, during a vacation where she contemplated the possibility of additional income to meet growing family expenses. A Facebook ad caught her attention and sparked her interest in exploring new opportunities.

Natalia recalls, "I came across an ad from Tricia Richman in FB... it looked inspiring." Despite being new to network marketing and online businesses, she took a leap of faith and joined POL as an M7, soon upgrading to M8 within a month. Natalia's dedication and courage set her on a path of empowerment and growth.

Discovering Her "WHY"

The decision to be a part of the POL network was driven by Natalia's desire to maintain time freedom for her family while pursuing a fulfilling career. Facing the challenge of juggling family expenses with her existing job, she sought a chance to align her passions with a potential source of income.

Natalia shares, "I was on vacation... thinking about possibilities for additional income... It turned out to be something close to my heart - training, courses." Her background as a Trainer/Learning Professional for over 20 years perfectly resonated with the offerings of POL, and she knew she had found something special.

The Vibrant POL Community

Being part of the POL community has been a life-changing experience for Natalia. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of fellow members create a unique synergy that fills her with excitement and anticipation during training calls. She exclaims, "POL community is fantastic! This is a synergy of different backgrounds, experiences, geographies... I feel the vibes." Engaging with successful people and gaining valuable insights during training calls has become a source of personal development and inspiration for Natalia.

Unique Offerings of Prosperity Of Life

POL stands out from other organizations due to its dynamic and decisive nature. The active involvement of owners and their willingness to engage with members is a refreshing change for Natalia, who recalls, "In the companies I used to work for, 'owner' was something abstract and definitely out of reach." The exceptional training provided by POL leaves her in awe, with its quick preparation and confidence displayed during online calls. The concept of "Being" the leader and fostering a supporting community has a magical effect that Natalia finds truly remarkable.

Unforgettable Moments at INF 2023

Attending INF 2023 marked Natalia's first physical event with POL, and the experience was exhilarating. Meeting the passionate members, including the founders Shane Krider and Rachel Krider, filled her with excitement and a sense of belonging. Natalia fondly recalls the interactions with fellow members, like Julie Spring, who cast a magical spell of success on her. Witnessing other dedicated members making calls and working diligently inspired Natalia to strive for success in her journey.

Valuable Lessons from INF 2023

For Natalia, the most valuable lesson from INF 2023 was the ripple effect of every action she takes. Embracing kindness and positivity not only benefits others but also fills her own life with meaning and purpose. Understanding the impact of her actions and being a source of positivity in the world has become a guiding principle for Natalia.

Future Aspirations with POL

Looking ahead, Natalia envisions her POL business flourishing as she makes it work with passion and dedication. The prospect of automated lead generation and qualification excites her, allowing her to focus on enjoying calls and events while achieving success in her journey.

Natalia Nastusenko's incredible journey with Prosperity Of Life is a testament to the power of embracing new opportunities, seeking personal growth, and being a part of a supportive community. Her decision to join POL was fueled by her passion for training and a desire to secure her family's financial future.

Through the vibrant POL community and engaging training, Natalia found inspiration, courage, and a meaningful path. Her experiences at INF 2023 added a new dimension to her journey, fostering connections and empowering her to make a positive impact on the world. Natalia's story serves as an encouragement for all who aspire to explore new possibilities, embrace personal growth, and create a life of fulfillment and joy.


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