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Lise Reitsma: Sovereignty Live Event 2023 Cape Town Review

Sovereignty Live Event 2023

Imagine a place where empowerment, community, and personal growth come together in perfect harmony. That's precisely what the Sovereignty Live Event in Cape Town, hosted by Prosperity Of Life (POL), offered its attendees. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lise Reitsma, a long-time member of Prosperity Of Life, who shared her incredible journey and thoughts about this year's event in Cape Town.

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Just like how we start almost all of our interviews, we wanted to understand how Lise's journey with Prosperity Of Life began. It was 1st September 2010 when she embarked on a path that would change her life forever.

She vividly remembers starting her journey with POL by going through the M1 Program (17-Day Personal Prosperity System) and securing her ticket for the first live event, Sovereignty Live, in December of that same year. "I got started with my M1 and my first live event ticket (M2) for Sovereignty Live which was taking place in December of that year 2010," Lise said.

What was your "WHY"?

Sovereignty Live Event 2023 Cape Town Review

When asked about her reason for joining POL, Lise explained, "I felt very lost in my career. I was a middle/high school teacher. I felt very passionate about teaching and empowering others but felt disillusioned with the lack of income and the required hours each week. Joining POL gave me an opportunity to pursue my passion while also creating financial abundance for myself and my family."

Lise continues by describing her experience within the community, saying, "There is truly no place quite like the Prosperity Of Life community. I left my first live event feeling like my whole body was vibrating with excitement. I had never found a group of people so welcoming and open. Even 12 years later, after many events, I get that feeling after every live event." Being part of the POL network means being surrounded by like-minded individuals who support each other's growth and success.

Review: Sovereignty Live Event 2023 Cape Town

This year's Sovereignty Live Event held in Cape Town was a highly anticipated gathering for Lise. She eagerly awaited the chance to reconnect with the community and listen to the captivating keynote speaker, Shane Krider.

Lise explains, "I was absolutely yearning to get in the room with the community and hear Shane speak live. He has an incredible way of captivating his audience and delivering exactly what we need to hear in that moment. The energy that is felt in the room at our live events is unparalleled. They are, by far, my favorite thing about our business."

Reflecting on her most memorable moment during the event, Lise shares a heartwarming experience she had while on safari with her 5-year-old son. She recalls, "The most memorable moment of the event for me was the experience we had on safari. My son came along with us, and getting to sit next to him and see him take in the surroundings and the wildlife is something that I will remember for the rest of my life."

She also highlights the RAKS Race experience where they had the opportunity to provide a much-needed hamper of essential items to a homeless shelter. Lise describes it as a humbling experience that touched her deeply.

What's your most valuable takeaway from the Sovereignty Live Event 2023 in Cape Town?

Lise Reitsma Sovereignty Live Event 2023 Cape Town Review

When asked about the most valuable lesson she learned at the Sovereignty Live Event, Lise's response was profound. "The most valuable lesson that I learned at the SOV 2023 live event was that my prospects see the business through my eyes. That my self-image and the way I conduct myself have everything to do with the way my life plays out. Another great lesson is Be-Do-Have."

This revelation emphasizes the importance of personal growth, mindset, and self-belief in achieving success.


The Sovereignty Live Event Cape Town 2023 was an unforgettable experience for Lise Reitsma. It provided a platform for personal and professional growth, genuine connections, and life-changing experiences.

Lise's journey with Prosperity Of Life is a testament to the transformative power of this remarkable community. If you're looking for a supportive network and a chance to unlock your full potential, Prosperity Of Life may just be the perfect fit for you.


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