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Lisa Hills: 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

Lisa Hills has dedicated herself to transforming lives and empowering individuals to achieve financial abundance and personal growth. With a unique combination of personal development and entrepreneurship, Lisa has become an inspiring figure within the Prosperity Of Life community.

Today, we get to know her better and read about the Prosperity Of Life Program that made a significant difference in her life.

Where did your love for personal development stem from?

We wanted to understand the roots of Lisa's love for personal development. "I’ve been a fan of Personal Development from a very young age," Lisa explains.

She continues, "But the real turning point occurred during a prolonged time of adversity and chronic stress when I lost myself in the process. I was spiraling toward burnout and asked the universe for support. It was truly mind-blowing and magical to see what unfolded, and one of those things was being thrust into more and more personal development, which led me here."

A Synergy of Business and Passion

Lisa balances her Prosperity Of Life business with a home-based therapeutic practice in the health and wellness industry. She emphasizes:

"There is a great synergy between the two businesses which is super fulfilling. And the best part is, between the two, it’s still part-time so I have plenty of time with my family and doing the things I love."

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Lisa recalls her initial steps with Prosperity Of Life, saying, "I came across Prosperity Of Life not long after I’d finished an unrelated online personal development course. At the completion of the course, I kept thinking to myself ‘How great would it be to have a business in the industry without having to create any of the content myself’.

I didn’t pursue past thoughts. And herein lies the power of manifestation and the magic of 'what we think about what we bring about'. On one of the days I was thinking about it, I came across a little ad on Facebook that kickstarted my journey here. Partnering with Prosperity Of Life allows me to be in the industry without creating any content - exactly what I had been thinking about. So be careful what you think about! The power of the mind and what we can create is truly magical."

Lisa Hills: 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

Lisa's favorite Prosperity Of Life course is the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System. She shares her experience, stating, "It reignited my zest for life and what I could achieve. I really started to dream again and realized I was tired of playing small."

She enthusiastically added, "17-Day Personal Prosperity System is by far my favourite course. They say during the introduction ‘how much can you change your life in 17 days’ and I can say massively! I have completed this course so many times. At the beginning of each year, I kick off with this program. And, when I set a big goal to achieve I do it again. It’s not a do-once and put-on-the-shelf type of program, none of them are. Every time I do it, I see and hear different things that serve me at that time."

Who can benefit most from going through your favorite Prosperity Of Life Program?

We wanted to understand whether the program is applicable to everyone or only to certain types of individuals. Lisa says, "Anyone who wants to improve themselves or their life in some way. Whether it be in health and fitness, financial, relationships, professional and so on, the applications are so broad.

It’s for all ages as well. My son who was 10 at the time would bounce out of school and ask to go home and pop the course on."

Community: One of the key factors in Lisa's motivation

Expressing her love for the Prosperity Of Life community, Lisa emphasizes, "It is way more than just a business. The community is outstanding, and it brings to mind the saying 'we rise by lifting others.' Coming from the corporate world and government industries where it was always very cutthroat, being in a community that collaborates and supports each person to create their own success is just amazing."

Summary: Lisa Hills 17-Day Personal Prosperity System Review

Lisa Hills exemplifies the spirit of empowerment and personal growth. Her dedication to personal development, combined with her entrepreneurial endeavors, has allowed her to make a significant impact on the lives of others.

Through her favorite program, the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System, Lisa has experienced personal transformations and ignited a passion for dreaming big. Moreover, her involvement in the Prosperity Of Life community has shown her the power of collaboration and support in achieving success. Lisa's journey stands as a testament to the extraordinary possibilities that arise when personal growth and entrepreneurship intertwine.


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