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Karen Murphy: Doing it Part-time and Earning Six Figures

Karen Murphy: Doing it Part-time and Earning Six Figures

Believe it or not, hearing stories of people earning six figures while working part-time with Prosperity Of Life may seem too good to be true. But, today, we meet Karen Murphy who has not only made it possible but has also achieved incredible success just months after becoming a member.

Karen Murphy is someone who achieved a major milestone in her life. She reached the incredible 50,000-point mark and experienced the excitement of earning a staggering $50,000 in profit just a few months ago. Let's learn more about her journey and how she has done it.

Karen Murphy: Doing it Part-time and Earning Six Figures

It Wasn't Always Smooth Sailing

When asked about this accomplishment, Karen couldn't help but express her amazement, saying, "Earning this amount in a month felt amazing!"

However, it wasn't always smooth sailing for Karen. Before she started with Prosperity Of Life, she had been deeply involved in her previous business, but eventually reached a point where she felt clueless about how to reinvent herself. She needed a fresh start after her divorce.

Feeling determined to make a change, Karen found Prosperity Of Life and loved that it was centred on personal development. Aside from that, another crucial factor that attracted Karen to this new venture was the compensation plan. She believed that it was something she could work with, especially considering her strong work ethic. She had confidence in her ability to achieve substantial earnings through her dedication and effort.

Hitting Mark After Mark

Karen's journey took an exciting turn when, after just two months in the business, she pocketed an impressive $12,000. By the tenth month, her profits had already soared to a remarkable $100,000. These extraordinary achievements are even more noteworthy considering the fact that Karen only worked on her business part-time and had absolutely no prior experience in this field.

Karen Murphy: Doing it Part-time and Earning Six Figures

Reflecting on her journey, Karen admitted, "I didn't have any experience prior to coming here. I have never done marketing before. So, to be able to earn that type of money consistently, month in, month out, for me was wow. I couldn't have done that in my other business."

She also appreciates the amazing sense of community that the Prosperity Of Life business offers. She loves how everyone comes together, providing support and encouragement to help each other succeed. Karen expressed her appreciation for the training provided, remarking, "I never saw this anywhere else before."

Confronting Limiting Beliefs

As a divorced mother raising her daughter, Karen's journey holds valuable insights. When asked for advice, she shared, "We all encounter adversity at some point in our lives. For me, what got me through was our products. I had to change the way I was thinking. I had to confront some limiting beliefs that I had about myself."

Karen Murphy: Doing it Part-time and Earning Six Figures

Karen's determination and willingness to put in the work on herself were pivotal to her success. She believed in pushing through challenges and never giving up. She summed up her mindset by saying, "I was prepared to do the work on myself. I was just prepared to push through."


Karen's story is an inspiration to anyone facing adversity and looking to reinvent themselves. Her incredible journey of personal development, coupled with her outstanding results in the Prosperity Of Life business, serves as a reminder that with dedication, the right mindset, and a supportive community, amazing achievements are possible for anyone.

So, why not embrace your own journey of growth and unleash your full potential? Remember, success is within your reach, and as Karen has shown us, you can accomplish great things, even when starting from scratch.


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