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Celine Joly on Embracing Freedom and Connection

Today we feature Celine Joly, an individual who embarked on a life-changing journey with Prosperity Of Life to create a business that would grant her the freedom to travel, be a devoted mother, and build a fulfilling career.

Celine shares her experiences and insights, from her initial motivations to her involvement in the vibrant Prosperity Of Life community and her recent participation in Influence 2023, Celine's story is one of empowerment, growth, and the pursuit of a purpose-driven life.

Starting the POL Journey

Celine's journey with Prosperity Of Life began in 2019 when she was searching for a new business opportunity after her previous online venture abruptly closed in 2018. Additionally, she was in the midst of relocating to France, her home country, with her two children after being an expat for 25 years.

Celine shares, "I started with POL (Prosperity Of Life) back in 2019... as I was relocating... and after a divorce, I wanted to keep my freedom to travel and be a 100% Mum." Determined to maintain her time freedom and build a new business, Celine embarked on her Prosperity Of Life journey, starting with the M7 Fast Track program.

Discovering Her "WHY"

Celine's decision to join the Prosperity Of Life network was driven by her desire to maintain time freedom for her children and herself while navigating a new chapter in her life. She explains, "I wanted to keep my time freedom for my 2 kids as we were relocating on the other side of the planet, still be able to travel whenever I wanted and build a new business." The Prosperity Of Life opportunity aligned perfectly with her vision, offering her the chance to create a life of balance and fulfillment.

Being part of the Prosperity Of Life community has been a source of immense joy and support for Celine. While virtual events provide valuable content, it is the live events that truly capture her heart. Celine expresses her love for the community, saying, "I love the POL community... meeting people face to face and experiencing the learning and the places to discover together as a community is totally unique." The POL community embraces a culture of respect, shared challenges, and collective growth. Celine highlights the strength of their bond, as they build friendships, travel together, and have fun as a second family.

Unique Offerings of Prosperity Of Life

Prosperity Of Life stands out from other organizations or companies for several reasons, as Celine shares. First and foremost, the training provided by Prosperity Of Life is excellent, regularly updated, and included in the cost of the products/memberships.

The absence of internal competition fosters a professional work ethic and a collaborative environment where everyone's successes contribute to the growth of the community. Celine also emphasizes the positive energy and caring nature of the community, which drives individuals toward success and supports them through life's challenges.

Unforgettable Moments at Influence Live 2023

Celine recently attended Influence Live Event 2023 and cherishes the memories and lessons from this extraordinary event. Each day presented unique adventures and transformative experiences. Celine reflects on her favorite moment, the RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) race, where her group came together to help others in unexpected ways. She recalls the humbling experience of offering a gift to someone in need and witnessing the ripple effect of their kindness. Alongside enriching training, parties, a safari, and engaging with the local South African community, the event left a profound impact on Celine.

The Influence Live Event 2023 offered Celine valuable lessons that have resonated deeply with her. She learned the importance of belonging to the Prosperity Of Life community, embracing the lifestyle it offers, and recognizing personal growth from previous events and goals achieved. Rising above each situation and embracing the big-picture perspective has become a guiding principle for Celine, empowering her to define her journey and set new goals.


Celine Joly's remarkable journey with Prosperity Of Life (POL) exemplifies the pursuit of freedom, personal growth, and the creation of an exceptional life. Her decision to join POL was driven by a desire to maintain time freedom for her children, travel the world, and build a successful business.

By immersing herself in the POL community, attending live events, and embracing the unique opportunities POL offers, Celine has found inspiration, support, and a second family. Her experiences at Influence Live Event 2023 have left a mark, further fueling her aspirations and commitment to personal and professional growth. Celine's story is proof that there's power in following one's passion, connecting with a supportive community, and living a purpose-driven life.


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