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Ben Love: Mind Power Podcast Review

Prosperity Of Life has a lot of programs and products that many have found to be extremely helpful, especially when it came to helping an individual adopt the right mindset. While we have featured reviews from flagship programs like the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System and the 12-month Beyond Freedom Evolution Program, today we talk about something different.

In this article, we hear about Ben Love's story - how he started with Prosperity Of Life and what prompted him to finally become a member after two years.

What is the Mind Power Podcast by Shane and Rachel Krider?

If this is the first time you have heard about the Mind Power Podcast, Ben recommends that you listen to or review its topics on the Born to Prosper website. Essentially, the podcast is centered on personal development and success.

Hosted by both Shane and Rachel Krider, the pair delve into various topics related to mindset, self-improvement, and unlocking one's potential. They go beyond the law of attraction, affirmations, and vision boards to an entirely new level of understanding and potential.

Audiences can learn tips, tricks, and strategies to tap into the elusive power of the mind to begin to create the experiences and enjoy the abundant results desired.

Where did your passion for personal development come from?

Now we asked Ben Love the very first question in the interview - where did your love for personal development come from? We wondered how his passion came about, and what specific life event sparked his passion for self-growth and self-improvement. He answered:

"My father did a lot of personal development when I was young which gave me access to a lot of personal development content. However, I am the only sibling out of 8 that has an interest in it. Although personal development was initially provided for by my father I think the actual answer is that I have always questioned everything and have a keen desire to understand both myself and the nature of reality.

My religious upbringing taught me that there are things you are not allowed to question but my view is that it is "Better to have questions you can't answer, than answers you can't question" and so I live my life as a seeker of truth."

How did you start with Prosperity Of Life?

Next, we wanted to know more about how he got interested and started with Prosperity Of Life. What Ben shared was a short story of alignment and of things falling into place two years after the idea was presented to him by his aunt:

"My aunt, Bex Kirner had been with Prosperity Of Life for a short while and thought the business model and products would align with me. She interviewed me and sent me the presentation. At the time I was still stuck on the idea of Herbalife, my views were that "entrepreneurs rarely, if ever, change their minds once they have made a decision."

However Bex also made the wise decision of sending me the Mind Power podcasts, and I was proactive in listening to all of the episodes, multiple times.

Fast forward nearly two years. One day while delivering flyers for Herbalife and listening to Shane & Rachel on Mindpower again I had a voice pop into my head saying "Why are you delivering flyers for a company that you no longer align with while listening to the Personal Development of the company that you have fallen in love with?"

And in that moment I made my decision. I made arrangements with a friend around getting finance for Master Of Destinies M7 Fast Track and called Bex out of the blue saying, "I know we haven't spoken in a while, but I would like to go Master Of Destinies M7 Fast Track." I think her response was, "What, Really?!?!" And I said yes, just give me a couple of days to finalize some details!"

Was the Mind Power Podcast instrumental to your growth as a person?

Because of the Mind Power Podcast, Ben tells us that he was able to start his journey to healing after an adverse reaction to a substance. He tells us:

"A year before I bought Master Of Destinies M7 Fast Track, I had had an extreme experience that left me in a state of consistent anxiety attacks for years. However, when I became sober my first thought was 'If Shane can heal from a waterski through the head, I can heal from this."

For those who don't know, during a vacation, Shane found himself in a dangerous water-skiing accident that could have been fatal. Although the vent was unfortunate, it provided Shane with a unique understanding and perspective on how to improve his life.

Ben continued:

"The Mindpower podcasts were incredibly helpful for my healing, but I wanted to take it to the next level. The business opportunity has always been secondary to personal development for me, however, the ability to do both increased the value of Personal Development through Prosperity Of Life even more."

Conclusion: Mind Power Podcast

The Mind Power Podcast by Shane and Rachel Krider has the potential to be a valuable source of motivation for individuals seeking positive change in themselves. Podcasts dedicated to personal development and motivation can offer insightful perspectives, inspiring stories, and practical strategies for personal growth. In your journey toward growth and success, it's important for you to keep an eye on tools and resources like the Mind Power Podcast.


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